As the next part of our series on New Orleans Theatre, we wanted to talk about the particulars of set design and construction. To dive in, let’s talk about some of the basic goals and strategies that can inform your set design process. Use lightweight construction materials whenever possible but pay attention to the details. Consider the venue and every view point within the venue. Consider the lighting fixtures and technology. Be sure to stay in close communication with the director, costume designer, and the rest of the creative team to make sure everybody is on the same page and stays there. Read and talkRead More →

The stage manager is responsible for an endless array of interrelated tasks for putting on a play. From pyrotechnics to communicating and corralling actors, from coordinating between backstage production and the A/V booth to organizing every single prop and costume garment. And then during the production, everything must be like clockwork in a choregraphed list of precisely timed actions that frequently feel like chaos but which somehow comes off as meticulous on stage. When things are working like they should. As part of our series on New Orleans Theatre, we wanted to create a space to discuss the intersection between costume design, production costs, casting,Read More →

The New Orleans Arts District is working on a new Theatre Section for our website, so we thought we’d start with a list of shows and events that we know are going on this year. We’ve provided links so you can find complete details and ticket buying information. This is also an incomplete list. In a city as big as New Orleans, we decided against trying to list every community theater. We hope your favorite play happens to coincide with your travel plans to New Orleans. There’s a play of some note you can take in most days and weekends.   Saenger Theatre/Broadway in NewRead More →