Ongoing Exhibition: Sheryl Denbo at Ariodante Gallery

Sheryl Denbo, sculptural painter and New England artist, is visiting our own Warehouse District. Her work is visiting Ariodante Gallery in New Orleans’ Arts District as part of a larger, country-wide tour. These artworks will be show in in Maine, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and in other parts of New England.

Denbo’s artwork is unique and intense; her sculptural canvases are developed through a complex process wherein the artist builds the surface until it transcends its original structure, changing from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. In her artist statement, she writes, “The three-dimensional and metallic nature of these sculptural paintings create apparent change in color and tone as the light changes and/or the viewer moves. Classically layered gold leaf in abstract form bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary images.”



Among her historical influences, Denbo cites Gustav Klimt and Robert Rauschenberg—both artists who embraced the idea of “sculptural painting” and dramatic symbolism. Both Klimt and Rauschenberg utilize found objects in their paintings, creating assemblages which include gold leaf, newsprint, and various mediums. Denbo pulled heavily from these influences for her work in “Trash Series” and “Car Parts.” Select paintings from these series are available for viewing and purchase.

Ariodante Gallery is open from 9:30AM-4:00PM Monday through Saturday, Sunday from 9:30AM-1:30PM, and by appointment. For more information about pricing and artwork availability, see the Gallery’s website.