How to Enjoy Art and the Arts District with Social Distancing

Staying at home during a pandemic can be extremely under-stimulating. For those in the art world, especially, will suffer from staying indoors and not taking in the beauty of art, but it doesn’t have to be so. Luckily, there are ways to take precautions while browsing art in public, and even ways to view art at home.

When walking about the New Orleans Arts District, this is potentially one of the safer public places to venture through while social distancing. While most people are off enjoying beaches are attempting to stock up, art districts are typically lower in population so you can feel safe knowing that places like this should not be packed.

You will probably not be the only one wanting to appreciate art during these times, however, so expect at least a few other people. Pandemics are caused by the virus spreading, and any kind of art museum should have lower chances of this happening. Many people wish to have space to appreciate one piece of art at a time, so staying the recommended 6 or more feet away should be simple. Also, viruses can be spread through contact, and most art are not supposed to be touched; if it is a textured piece in which the artist welcomes touch, however, it is safe to avoid this experience until later or to at least wash your hands before touching something else.

If you wish to play it safe and stay at home, you should have no worries at all when wishing to appreciate the arts. Of course, you can create art at home with the utensils that you have or stock up on some supplies before locking yourself away.

Many galleries already have virtual tours, and many others are opening up to that feature due to the current situation, so it is possible to view the modern art of today right from your own home. There are also plenty of art-sharing websites, even profiles on popular social media programs that you may already have. A simple search on google can show you exactly what kind of art you are looking for.

You could also take this time to study art history or any specific techniques you have been hoping to master. Reading through art history can be boring to some, but it can be important to your growth in understanding art, and oftentimes just sitting at home is even more boring than that. You can take this opportunity to work on your won studies or any skills with tutorials and videos online.

If you’re staying indoors, why not make the most of it and finally learn how to paint a specific way or practice your technical drawing skills? Even though many art students find this sort of project boring as well, if you’re locking yourself up in the home for safety, this can be a great way to not only practice your skill and appreciate art in general, but you will also be able to come out of these dark times with something new under your belt to feel more accomplished as an artist.

There are ways to enjoy art while social distancing, and even ways to appreciate it in your own home; right now, the artists of the world are the ones who can save us from mental despair, so showing appreciation can be crucial.