Jean Bragg Gallery

600 Julia Street at Camp Street

504/895-7375 Open: M-Sat 10-5

Art lovers shouldn’t miss out on the Jean Bragg Gallery, where plenty of artists get the recognition they deserve in Louisiana along with many kinds of pottery and other art pieces from the past. While many could easily take a gander at everything that’s on sight, they could also purchase some of these pieces if they so choose.

With a lot to unpack from a visit to an art museum consisting of works done by Macon artists, New Orleans Artists, and Historical Louisiana Artists, it’d almost be a disservice to the Jean Bragg Gallery to not take a look at its glorious history, filled with so much creative talent to be inspired by. The best part of it all is a chance to buy some of these pieces for a display at home; it’s almost like having the honor of getting an important piece of history passed down from one generation to the next!

The exhibit is great for anyone interested in knowing the history of art in Louisiana, from knowing more about the paintings done by artists like Joe Adams and Ellsworth Woodward to observing multiple kinds of pottery techniques used in the late 1800s. The Jean Bragg Gallery also has a great selection of books to read, whether they’re resource catalogs or essays written by autobiographies. Getting tickets is fairly easy, so long as you go to the Travis Jean website and sign up for an event relating to the Jean Bragg Gallery that you want to check out.