Hall-Barnett Gallery

While currently closed due to COVID-19 concerns, this gallery should be in the top 10 of art galleries to visit once you can. Located in the core of the Arts District of New Orleans, on Julia Street, Hall-Barnett Gallery offers a wide selection of contemporary art worth seeing.

Featuring artists both emerging and well known, local and international, the gallery has fantastic exhibits offering sculpture, paintings and much more to delight the viewer. These exhibits last for three months, and each has a theme to tie the work together. The website has times and dates for these exhibits as well as who the featured artist will be.

In addition, the gallery spotlights an artist for special recognition for their work. They have a page on the website showcasing some of their work. The page also has a short statement from the artist about their work.

Hall-Barnett Gallery’s main goal is to share contemporary art with the public. They welcome artists of all kinds. They encourage the emerging artists to develop their work by providing them with a place to show their work, to get feedback from others not in their circle. They provide a place unlike any other gallery with the owner’s providing their own unique style and eclectic taste in their collections.

Hall-Barnett Gallery is a fantastic place to see in the Art District.